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Jack Evans wedding photography

Jack Evans

Jack Evans

Jack's photography interests stem back to his basic training in the Army where he was encouraged to find a hobby. Taking photos of his colleagues, developing them in the dark room and producing black & white prints soon became a way of life during his free time and he could always be found with a camera in his hand at any given opportunity.

Some thirty years later and Jack has become widely experienced in many aspects of Photography. He now runs his own business specialising in Wedding, Portraiture and Events photography. His unique reportage and photojournalistic style has become popular amongst the local community in Gibraltar and clients both in the UK and Spain. Ever the globe-trotter, Jack is often required to travel for his photographic skills with projects taking him to Turkey, Morocco, Portugal and more recently, Italy.

Always willing to learn and take his level of photography to the next step, Jack is currently working towards relative diplomas with the British Institute of Professional Photographers and the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers.

Jack uses the latest range of Canon cameras with the recent addition of a Canon 5D MK2 and 7D.

Tony Evans

Tony Evans

An introduction to the art of photography in its digital form established Tony's interest in photography. Starting with only a "point and shoot" Olympus camera, Tony explored the different environments in which he could use to tell a story.

Living in Gibraltar provides plenty of opportunities to use a camera, learning skills from images of sunsets over the Bay of Gibraltar, panoramic views of the Strait of Gibraltar and most importantly, portraits of the Rock's Barbary Macaques.

In 2006, Tony upgraded to a DSLR and joined the Gibraltar Photographic Society. Taking and passing the Basic Course, a new foundation in his photographic career was cemented. Since then Tony has taken a photojournalism approach to his photography capturing events such as the first Spanish flight to Gibraltar in over 25 years, the Occupy St Paul's camp in London and the Homecoming Parade of the 9th/12th Royal Lancers in Northampton.

In his style of photography, Tony's work has been seen not only in the various local media in Gibraltar but also in the Associated Press. Moreover, Tony is often called upon to act as a photographer on behalf of the Military's Defence Media team.

Tony currently conducts his photography in many forms ranging from portraiture to weddings, civil and military events to aviation photography. Though still learning a lot from his work and that of others, it is his aspiration to have one of his photographs published by National Geographic, TIME and Prospect.

Tony uses the Canon range, notably the new Canon 7D.

Studio Sessions

A new addition to jack evans photography are the studio sessions. All studio photographs are now shot using High-Key Photography, producing crisp images on a brilliant white background. This relatively new technique is currently sweeping the USA and UK and with the introduction to Gibraltar, Jack has already been swamped with various requests.